Well, it appears I may have been a bit tipsy myself this holiday, as I’m just now getting this winners post put together! But first, a quick announcement: You’re cordially invited to participate in our first challenges of 2020: New Year’s Resolution Love Bites – coming Feb. 2020 And now,Continue Reading

#tuesdaywordplay / Word of the Week: COUNT Trust the General to send her on a last-minute mission and expect flawless execution. She’d grabbed the manila envelope and groused that he needed to stop testing her. He’d surrendered the jeep keys and said there was a difference between testing and trusting.Continue Reading

Hubert Mazur had balls the size of cantaloupes. That was the rumor. Must have been mostly true because he walked into Karma’s path and held his ground. Nobody did that and lived. No human, anyway. But a dozen heartbeats later, there he was, living and breathing. And then the fuckerContinue Reading

The Phoenix Noodle House was a fixture in the Fog City neighborhood. Its menu was billed as ‘the most authentic Asian food this side of the Golden Gate’. Tourists came for the food. Locals came for the food and the patio. Patio was a polite term for the twenty-by-twenty patchworkContinue Reading

Ventura Cruz didn’t have a romantic bone in her petite body but her love was emblazoned on her skin. She couldn’t hide from it but she could hide it from curious eyes and repulsed glances. Take the jeans and long sleeves she wore into the United Air terminal at SFOContinue Reading

Noa Garza hesitated on the sidewalk. Coming to Fog City without an invitation had been impulsive. A twenty-something in a bright yellow dress walked past, opened the coffee shop door, and nodded to her. “Insider tip: the fog makes your clothes damp. Come inside, get a latte, and warm up.”Continue Reading