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Flash | Grasping At Straws

North Dakota / 1883 Papa had been right, damn his puny parched heart. Phillip hadn’t the stones to settle the land. Now he was sleeping beneath the dirt beside Papa and she was hard pressed to conjure a tear for either of them. Perched on the porch steps, she watched leaves chase each other down […]

Fiction Flash

Flash | Little Miss Notorious

NEW YORK – 1940 Corky Gallagher’s legacy filled the shelves in his office with trophies and covered his office walls with news clippings that had long since yellowed, cracked and curled at the corners. Conversely, his only child’s legacy had been swept under the rug and they endeavored to keep it there. But the morning […]

Fiction Flash

Flash | Wild Oats

They say you reap what you sow, but that’s a crock. I worked two jobs to put him through law school and ran the household while he worked eighty-hour weeks. He thanked me by shagging senior partners, embezzling client funds, and making a public spectacle of our family. Before the fallout was over, I was […]

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