It’s just stir fry. How hard can it be? Fry Chicken Add Veggies Stir But about the chicken. How do you know it’s done? On sight? Or by taste? And about the veggies. How do you chop them? In bite size pieces? With which knife?   And the stirring. HowContinue Reading

Nights like this, when autumn’s stained-glass skies blow jagged kisses, death comes sweet as candy and cruel as coincidence. A gun in hand is a promise, like a left hook or an engagement ring. I am that promise, sworn to maintain order, defend members, protect the club. This ‘sergeant-at-arms’ patchContinue Reading

The Phoenix Noodle House was a fixture in the Fog City neighborhood. Its menu was billed as ‘the most authentic Asian food this side of the Golden Gate’. Tourists came for the food. Locals came for the food and the patio. Patio was a polite term for the twenty-by-twenty patchworkContinue Reading

Noa Garza hesitated on the sidewalk. Coming to Fog City without an invitation had been impulsive. A twenty-something in a bright yellow dress walked past, opened the coffee shop door, and nodded to her. “Insider tip: the fog makes your clothes damp. Come inside, get a latte, and warm up.”Continue Reading

Socialite Bunny Barlow was everything the media promised: beautiful, charismatic, and fashionable. But she was also bright, practical, and resourceful. So when her husband, Fortune 500 bad boy Jim Barlow, dropped off the radar while she was vacationing alone in Germany, she reached out to the only enterprise she trustedContinue Reading

Robin Wildman was having a hell of a Friday night. The hearse got a flat and the rest stop she’d managed to coast into didn’t have cell reception. After an hour of sitting alone in the dark and the rain, she got out, rummaged around the area, turned up aContinue Reading

“Just between us,” Rosa said, kicking off his shoes, “I never put much stock in fairy tales.” Evan stood at the water’s edge, still fully dressed. “Why’s that?” “Take Cinderella. Girl’s sweet as shit but she can’t get herself sold without a new pair of stilettos. That kinda bullshit’s beenContinue Reading