Fairy Tales

“Just between us,” Rosa said, kicking off his shoes, “I never put much stock in fairy tales.”

Evan stood at the water’s edge, still fully dressed. “Why’s that?”

“Take Cinderella. Girl’s sweet as shit but she can’t get herself sold without a new pair of stilettos. That kinda bullshit’s been fucking with little girl’s heads for centuries.”

“What’s your take on Prince Charming?”

“No such thing.” He stripping to his skivvies and wading into the river. “Though a lot of guys wear charming like a cheap ass cologne so’s they can get laid.”

“What aren’t you jaded about?”

He grinned. “Get in the water and I’ll tell you.”

She toed off her boots and socks, and put her toes in the water.

He chuckled. “Fair enough. Dragons.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m not jaded about dragons. I’m pretty fucking convinced they exist. I’d wager my left nut we’ll come across one any day now.”

She waded in up to her knees. “Okay. What’s our play when said dragon shows up and tries to turn us into smoke and ash?”

“You’re a muthafuckin’ forest ranger, Mama. You ought to be schooling me in fire survival techniques.”

“What? You don’t know stop, drop, and roll, smartass?” She launched into his chest and rolled them both under the cool water.

He came up laughing, holding her close against his bare skin. “Now that’s what I’m talking about. Man want’s a flesh and blood woman in his life. Someone to keep him righteous, hungry, balanced.”

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